President’s Message – October 2016

Now that the “Pub at the Club” event is over, we will begin to tear into the outside of the Court building to repair the damaged posts, $31,000 worth as approved at the May meeting. Cabana posts are also included in the repair plans. We expect everything to be finished in about a month.

We were also expecting to begin the Bathroom upgrades, but have been slowed down by the need for additional bids. The men’s room will be first since there is less to do, and we will have to share the bathrooms while the work is in progress. We will work out a plan for that. We hope to have the men’s room finished by the November meeting, but things always seem to take longer than planned.

We are working on rule changes that are intended to emphasize safety at the club, and we will need your support. The next Board meeting will be used to complete the changes. Any input you have for me will be appreciated.

Progress on the new Directory is going well. It will be paper as requested by the majority. Please respond quickly when we ask for you to come in for pictures so that we can hand out the new Directory at the November meeting.

Don’t forget our 80th Birthday party on October 14th!! Sign up as early as you can so we know how many will be attending.

We purchased a new toaster for the BBQ area, and it was on the counter in the kitchen. It has disappeared and we have been unable to find it. If you know anything about it let us know. Our gavel from under the podium in the lounge is still gone.

I have been told that non-members have been using the club because we prop open the back door. We are asking members to not do this since it is a security problem. Ask peoples names when you open the door if you don’t know them.


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