Pool Leaks Repaired

In late November, we discovered the pool was losing almost 4 inches of water a day.  

Here is a brief history of what was done:

12/03/2018:  We have a large leak…..  our maintenance company did a full pressure test of the system on Monday Dec 3rd, and we will have more information on what must be fixed by 12/6.  The earliest work will begin is the week of 12/10.

12/10/2018:  We received a full report from the pressure test.  One major leak found as well as other areas to repair.  We are meeting with the Pool repair company Tuesday morning 12/11

12/11/2018:  The pool company should start the repairs this Friday 12/14.  We hope the pool will reopen within a few days after that.

12/15/2018:  A large leak in one section of pipe was repaired Friday.  Unfortunately, we think there is another leak that we need to find and repair.  The workers will return Monday for more work.

12/20/2018:  They tested and found another leak yesterday.  The workers will return Friday 12/21 for repairs.

12/27/2018:  The repairs were completed last weekend, we got the pool filled, cleaned, and re-opened by Friday the 28th!