Membership Poll:  Minimum Age for Jacuzzi

Earlier this year, the Board amended the jacuzzi rules on a trial basis.

Based on requests from many families, and in accordance with the CDC and the Red Cross, which advise an age limit of 5 and over for jacuzzis, the Board decided to allow children age 5 and over to use the jacuzzi.  (Previous age was 10 and over.)  As a family friendly club, we hoped this policy would allow for more people to enjoy the facilities.

Now with the end of the summer, we are polling the members — and based on your feedback, will make these changes permanent, or revert to the previous rule that children under 10 are not permitted.

Please note, the following important rules would still apply:

  1.  All children under 18 must be closely supervised by an adult member at all times
  2.  Adult Members have priority for jacuzzi use at all times
  3.  The “no children under 5 rule” will be strictly enforced
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What should be the minimum age for children in the Jacuzzi?

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12 thoughts on “Membership Poll:  Minimum Age for Jacuzzi”

  1. One doctor posted 5 year olds are safe to be in hot tubs. So in good faith I voted for 5 years old. However, it should be emphasized and posted that all children under 10 be accompanied by the parent in the hot tub at all times. Maybe even mentioning warnings of over exposure be included.

    Donna Gibbs

  2. This is a terrible idea—-overturning 50 year precedent at the Club.

    This is a safety issue—having a very small sampling of members decide —is not the way to govern our Club— Since the Club fails to enforce the rules—- this will become a major issue when something bad happens—a child drowns or is rushed to the hospital after over heating—- That’s when an attorney deposes the Board–and asks—who came up with this idea—they’ll shrug and say —not us—it was voted by the members – on the basis of what? — “we want a family friendly atmosphere” — GAME OVER

    Recently observed five children ages 6-7–in the hot tub…one of them was swimming around the others—no adult within 30 feet—no one watching them-

  3. Unfortunately accidents do happen and the probability is higher with a younger child. They need more attention than some adults may give and are less reliable in telling us if they are having a problem. Exposure time is of greater risk as well for younger children.

  4. I appreciate this opportunity to provide feedback on the issue of children’s ages in the Jacuzzi. I am glad to see the club be responsive to the members and how members are allowed to enjoy the club.
    I think the club is becoming increasing family friendly and that is a great thing. As a frequent swimmer and mother of young children, I know that the pool is a great benefit to many of our members.
    The Center for Disease Control has written guidelines with regard to the safety of children (and adults) using a hot tub/spa ( They recommend that children under the age of 5 avoid the hot tub. Therefore, with the club’s minimum age of five in the Jacuzzi, we are in line with their recommendation regarding the health and safety of children using a hot tub.
    I fully support the minimum age of 5 at the Jacuzzi and always appreciate the kind, smiling faces of other club members when we visit, of which there are many.

  5. It sounds like we’ve been fine with kids aged 5-10 swimming in the pool. Concerns like drowning, accidents, peeing in the pool, being unsupervised, etc. all seem much more likely in the pool than in the jacuzzi. We’ve allowed kids in the pool all these years because parents have been capable enough to teach and monitor their own kids. If anything I think kids would be safer in the jacuzzi since it’s not as deep. The only argument I could see against having kids be in the jacuzzi is a health one but there is no science to back that up.

  6. Members go to high end hotels and kids are allowed in the hot tubs. Kids should be allowed to be in the tub from 5+ with adult supervision. My kids are both 10 and 11. So, we are past the original requirement. That being said we wish it would have been 5+ the whole time. It is kind of ridiculous that it hasn’t always been that way. I might add…make parents responsible for keeping their kids in-line. Adults in the tub don’t like getting splashed and if there is an adult in the tub the parents should be over there supervising their children.

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