Are workdays pro-rated for new or resigning members?

Yes – Workday Requirements are pro-rated as follows:

  • We breakup the year into 1/3rds:  6/1-9/30,  10/1-1/31,  and 2/1-5/31
  • New members get the third in which they join free; thereafter they owe 1 workday per 1/3 year.
    * Example: If a new member joins on June 1st – Sept 30th, they owe no workdays until the next period.
  • Resigning members owe 1 workday for every 1/3 year or part thereof.
    * Example: If a member resigns anytime from June 1st – Sept 30th, they owe 1 workday.


What are the fines if I don’t complete all my workdays?


Each Regular, Playing, and Provisional Members must complete three workdays within each fiscal year period of June 1 through May 31.  (A couple must complete six workdays in a one year period.)

Fines are assessed based on the number of missed workdays as follows:

1 missed workday:     $150

2 missed workdays:   $300

3 missed workdays:   $450

A total of $450 in workday fines may be assessed per member per year; or $900 per couple.



How much is the fine for a missed meeting?

– Each Regular, Intermediate Associate, Legacy, and Provisional Member is required to attend both General Meetings per year:  Nov and May (NOTE: the club operates on a Calendar Year from June 1 through May 31, so the first meeting of the year is in November)
– If you attend one meeting in person, you can proxy the other one (see proxy form)
– NO meeting credit will be given for a proxy unless you attend the other semi-annual meeting in person
– Members will be fined $100 for each missed meeting.  For example, if a member proxies November and misses May, they will be fined $200 for missing both meetings.

What are requirements to attend the Semi-Annual Meetings?

MBBC By-Laws require voting members to attend both Semi-Annual Meetings each year. Only one meeting per year can be proxied, the other must be in person.  (Playing members are not voting members and do not attend)

A member is allowed to proxy ONE meeting during the year:  Either the 1st meeting in November or the 2nd meeting in May, BUT ONLY IF they attend the other meeting in person.  No meeting credit will be given for a proxy unless you attend the other meeting in person.  Members will be fined $100 for each missed meeting.

Proxy forms must be submitted PRIOR to the meeting, and can be put in the Club Drop Box (outside Kitchen) or sent to our PO Box, but if you want proof of receipt, you should email it to [email protected].

To email, simply scan your signed proxy or take a photo of it with your phone.   We will auto-reply with acknowledgement of your email.

What and When are the Semi-Annual Meetings?

General Meetings are a great opportunity to socialize with other members, receive updates from Board Members, and to discuss and vote on Club issues.  The MBBC was founded on a participatory membership, and thus our by-laws state that attendance is required for all Regular, Provisional, Intermediate, and Legacy members.

The club operates on an annual calendar from June 1 through May 31.  We hold the Fall meeting  on the first Sunday in November and the Spring meeting  on the third Sunday in May.

What are work credits, and how can I sign up?

Workcredits (or workdays) include a wide variety of activities where our members help to run events, perform work needed, and help improve the Club.  Workcredits are a membership requirement and make the club unique by helping to foster involvement and save on operating expenses.

The general rule is four hours of service = 1 workcredit.

There are several ways to earn workcredits.  These include attending monthly Saturday “cleanups”, serving on a party committee, volunteering for the Junior International Badminton Tournament, Hometown Fair booth, Annual Rummage Sale and Silent Auction, helping at the November and May meetings, and more.

Members can sign up for many workcredits online here, and often there are sign up sheets at each of the semi-annual meetings for various workday opportunities.

How often are the Saturday workdays held?

The workday schedule is posted on our website and is usually held on the second Saturday of every month from 8am to noon. The House Chairperson organizes the work needed. This includes general maintenance projects like cleaning, washing windows, painting, fixing things, etc.