What is an Instructor Member? How do I become one?

An Instructor Member must be recommended by the Junior Chairperson and approved by the Board. They contribute two 2 hours of their time per week to the instruction of juniors during junior practice hours in lieu of dues.

How do I become a playing member?

While there are many people who want to learn to play Badminton, we have a  limited number of playing memberships available.   Playing members are invited to join if they have tournament experience or advanced skill levels in Badminton.  The Adult Badminton Chairperson meets with the candidate and recommends to the Board that the person is a strong player.

If you are interested in becoming a playing member contact the Adult Badminton Chairperson.  The contact information can be found on the Club’s website.

What is a playing member?

A playing member is a special membership for those who want to join the Club strictly for Badminton.   Playing members must fulfill three workday obligations, pay monthly dues and a deposit to join.  They do not have voting rights and do not attend the two meetings.

Do we have to know how to play Badminton to join the Club?

No, but this is certainly one of the best experiences we have to offer when members join the Club and learn to play.  However, we do require anyone  using the courts to wear proper attire which includes shirt, shorts and gum soled sneakers.   Bare feet, flip flops or hard shoes are not allowed.

What is a Legacy Member?

Legacy membership is for those children of current members between the ages of 22-26 who would like to join the Club. The cost is $50 per month with half of the dues going towards their refundable deposit. Once it reaches $400, they become regular members. This membership category is not subject to the waiting list.

What do I receive when my family joins the Club?

Each member will receive a passkey for their personal use which is non-transferable.  They must sign a waiver of liability which states that they will agree to abide by the MBBC By-laws and Rules, established by the Board of Directors.

What is the cost of joining the Club?

A Family pays a one time $1500 membership fee, and dues are $150 per month.   The family membership includes children living at home under the age of 22.

For a Playing member, the dues are $60 a month with a $175 deposit.

For a Junior Playing member, the dues are $120 a month with a $120 deposit.


What happens when my friends are near the top of the waiting list?

Your friends will first be invited to an Orientation meeting for prospective members where they will learn about the Club, the privileges and obligations of membership.  Once they have attended the Orientation and an opening occurs for them, the Vice-President will call your friend(s) and invite them to meet the Board.  As a sponsor, you will be expected to attend and introduce the prospective member to the Board.  Afterward, the Board will vote on their membership and if accepted, will invite them to join the Club.