I would like something posted on the website and/or send an email out to the club’s members. How do I do that?

Only Board members can post information on the Club’s website and request emails be sent to the membership.  If you are part of a Club-related activity that you would like the membership to know about, please contact the Board Member responsible for that area, or the Communications Chair.  The Club’s website and email list are exclusively for Club business, and may not be used for any private, business, party or other purpose, including political or fundraising activities.

Contact a Member of the Board

Who are the Board Members? What do they do?

Board members are club members who donate their time to serving the Club.  Each position has its own set of responsibilities and duties. Board members donate 3-4 hours a month to attend the monthly Board Meetings to manage the affairs of the Club.   Board Members are not compensated and are volunteers.   The Board is always looking for members to participate in the running of the Club.  If you are interested in volunteering, contact the Club President via the website. Contact a member of the Board.

How do we resign from the Club?

Any member wishing to resign must contact the Vice-President in writing.  The email address for the Vice-President can be found on the website.   Sending a resignation to the Bookkeeper is not acceptable since this a function of the Board, not the Bookkeeper.

If I have a dispute with my bill, who should I contact?

Always contact the Treasurer, who is responsible for all financial issues.  Contacting the Bookkeeper will only delay the process since problems involving charges, fines and other Club business is a function of the Board.

What is the cost of joining the Club?

A Family pays a one time $1500 membership fee, and dues are $150 per month.   The family membership includes children living at home under the age of 22.

For a Playing member, the dues are $60 a month with a $175 deposit.

For a Junior Playing member, the dues are $120 a month with a $120 deposit.


How do I join the Badminton Club?

For Regular Members, you will need two sponsors who are current members of the Club.   The current members need to download an Application via our website, complete, and both sponsors and new applicants must sign.   Please submit the application to the Vice President , and it will be added to our waiting list.

For Playing Members, you can download the application, and send to the Adult Badminton Chairperson.