What is an Instructor Member? How do I become one?

An Instructor Member must be recommended by the Junior Chairperson and approved by the Board. They contribute two 2 hours of their time per week to the instruction of juniors during junior practice hours in lieu of dues.

How do I become a playing member?

While there are many people who want to learn to play Badminton, we have a  limited number of playing memberships available.   Playing members are invited to join if they have tournament experience or advanced skill levels in Badminton.  The Adult Badminton Chairperson meets with the candidate and recommends to the Board that the person is a strong player.

If you are interested in becoming a playing member contact the Adult Badminton Chairperson.  The contact information can be found on the Club’s website.

What is a playing member?

A playing member is a special membership for those who want to join the Club strictly for Badminton.   Playing members must fulfill three workday obligations, pay monthly dues and a deposit to join.  They do not have voting rights and do not attend the two meetings.

Can guests drop by the Club to play?

No, we do not allow drop-ins.  All guests must arrive with an inviting member who signs them in.   When the member leaves, so do the guests.
The inviting member is responsible for their guests while on the premises.

How do I pay for my guests?

There is a sign-in/waiver of liability form located at the entrance to the courts which each guest must sign as well as the inviting member.  All adult guests 18 years and older playing badminton sign the Waiver of Liability form and guests younger than 18 years of age must be must be signed in by the inviting adult member upon arrival and prior to play. The guest charge will be sent to the bookkeeper and will be reflected in your bill the following month.

What is the cost for a guest to play?

There is a flat fee of $5 for non-peak hours and $10 for peak hours which occur after 8pm and all day Sunday.    This is very inexpensive compared with other Badminton Clubs in the area.

How do I learn to play the game?

We have a full time coach who is available for free lessons for beginners during evening hours.  There is a sign up sheet on the courts to reserve a practice time.  Private lessons are available at off peak times for a modest fee.