I’m already a member; how can I sponsor my friends?

Once you have been a member for a year, you can sponsor other members.  New Applicants must have two sponsors; one of the sponsors must be personally acquainted with the prospective members for at least one year.

Can my kids bring pool toys to the Club?

No. We’re classified as a public facility by the County of Los Angeles which means, we are treated just like any other public pool.  No foreign objects are allowed in the pool including noodles, boogie boards, swim fins, toys, squirt guns, rubber footballs, etc. It’s a safety issue.

How do I join the Badminton Club?

For Regular Members, you will need two sponsors who are current members of the Club.   The current members need to download an Application via our website, complete, and both sponsors and new applicants must sign.   Please submit the application to the Vice President , and it will be added to our waiting list.

For Playing Members, you can download the application, and send to the Adult Badminton Chairperson.