Ongoing Workday: Recycling Bins


When:   Monday, 05/31/2021 12:00am

Go to the club every Monday to clean up after the weekend.   Empty the recyclable trash (two bins in the upstairs lounge and two bins outside by the pool) into our big recycle bins out in the trash yard.

Depending on how dirty they are, rinse and clean them out as needed, and put in fresh bags.

On Wednesday, go to the club and put the recyclable trash out on our curb. Often, someone has helped and put the cans away in our trash area by Thursday morning; if not put them away.

Varies, over 2 hours per month

Skills Required:
Managing the bags of empty bottles can be quite heavy , and also managing the recycle cans…at times we have filled them all.

Total Hours / Year:

Number of Workday Credits Awarded:

NOTE:  This is a Workday Event
Contact Person:  MBBC House Chair

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