Ongoing Workday: Honor Bar cash, Drink Machine


When:   Friday, 05/31/2019 12:00am

This is a full-year position to collect cash from the Honor Bar and manage the drink (Coke) machine:

  • Stop by the club once every 1-2 weeks to pick up cash and receipts from honor bar.   Also restock the drink machine and pick up cash
  • Reorder drinks as needed for the drink machine
  • Maintain a spreadsheet record of money spent on honor bar supplies, money received from honor bar
  • Quarterly:  Submit cash (send a check) to bookkeeper, along with summary report of who signed for honor bar drinks and $ amount, so members can be billed

Varies, about 2 hours per month.  More work / restocking in summer!

Skills Required:
maintain spreadsheet

Total Hours / Year:

Number of Workday Credits Awarded:
6 workcredits

NOTE:  This is a Workday Event
Contact Person:  MBBC House Chair

Pending Approval:

  • Glenn Caplin

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This event is fully booked.