Ongoing Workday: Guest Sign-in Sheets


When:   Tuesday, 05/31/2022 12:00am

Collect and record monthly the sign in sheets for both the badminton and pool guests.

Every Quarter:  After cross-checking with the master member list, prepare a spreadsheet detailing what each member owes in guest fees and submit it to the bookkeeper. She in turn bills each member what they owe.

Work with the Treasurer and Juliette to delineate any questionable/un-readable signatures.  Then scan in the sign-in sheets and send them to the treasurer for reference.

Also make blank copies of the sign in sheets and make sure there are enough sheets in the books.

Keep all sign-in sheets in case there is a question on the sign-in/charge from a member

2-3 hours per month

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NOTE:  This is a Workday Event
Contact Person:  MBBC Adult Badminton

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  • Stephanie Schwartz

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