Ongoing Workday: Grill Master


When:   Monday, 05/31/2027 12:00am

Manage and oversee routine cleaning, maintenance, and repairs to the grills. The goal is to ensure that the grills are routinely cleaned and maintained in good working order throughout the year. The Grill Master will help recruit and train the club members who sign up for each 2-month shift of cleaning duty (1 hr weekly quick clean + 1 full clean @ 4 hrs).

The Grill Master will routinely inspect the grills to ensure they are receiving a weekly quick cleaning and bi-monthly deep cleaning from the assigned club member. The Grill Master will perform a monthly operational test on each grill, ensuring that it is lighting and burning properly. The Grill Master will make minor adjustments and/or repairs. When needed, the Grill Master will contact a service technician, schedule a service call, and meet with the technician at the club. The Grill Master will maintain a proper inventory of grill-cleaning supplies and tools. The Grill Master will be the primary point of contact for club members who identify operational or cleanliness issues with the grills.

Note: It is assumed that each 2-month shift of cleaning duty is filled by a club member. If a shift is not filled, then the grill cleaning tasks will be assigned during Saturday workdays. For the sake of clarity, if a shift is not filled or the assigned club member is not fulfilling his/her cleaning duties, it is not expected that the Grill Master is responsible for these tasks.

2 hours per month

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NOTE:  This is a Workday Event
Contact Person:  MBBC House Chair

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