2018 Membership Survey Results

We had a fantastic response rate of over 225 responses, which represented about 60% of all families. Thank you SO much for your time and input, the feedback was amazing. In addition to the ‘checkbox’ type answers, we received hundreds of written comments on many issues. I can assure you the Board and future Boards will carefully study and take action based on your thoughts and input.

We had responses from Playing Members, Provisional Members, Regular Members, Associate Members, younger members and older members. The Club truly has a varied range of demographics, all represented in the survey.

A few general observations :

First, it is clear we all really love being members of MBBC. The top question that got the highest response rate was “What you love about the Club”. We got about 150 answers to this question alone…. and they really captured the essence of what makes MBBC special.

Secondly, there are clearly aspects of the Club that members generally do not want to change, as well as areas that members want to improve. This data will help your Board greatly, serving as a roadmap to focus on what the majority wants done and in what order.

Lastly, the survey showed that for any topic, there are a range of opinions. One member said the outdoor kitchen area is “fine”, while another called it “disgusting”. What we need to do is look at areas where there is a general consensus, and realize we cannot make everyone happy — but in a democratic way work on areas that the members feel is most important.

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To summarize, members are using all aspects of the Club, especially the pool, courts, bathrooms, lounge, and BBQ area. They are very pleased with the areas that have been recently remodeled. They are not pleased with the condition of our older areas, such as the bathrooms, lounge, and outdoor kitchen.

Members like the low-key “beach casual” personality that MBBC offers, and do not want that to change. They like the WorkCredit system, which helps keep dues low and brings people together in various activities.

Lastly, members very much want to improve and maintain our facilities, and would likely support a dues increase to help pay for a better club.