Semi-Annual Meeting 

Thanks to all who attended the Semi-Annual Meeting this November.  For those who could not attend, please click here to view the meeting presentation.


Parties and events that were scheduled to take place at the club throughout September and October have been cancelled. This includes Pub at the Club, the Teen Pool Party on October 24 and the Children’s Halloween Party on October 28. Please note that workdays will not be credited for cancelled events. Monthly Saturday work days are still happening. Please sign up online. Bob would love to see you there!

Effective Immediately 7/13

Hello MBBC Family,

Today, Governor Newsom ordered gyms to close, so we will be closing the MBBC courts as of this afternoon.

The good news is the pool and jacuzzi will remain open with the continued reminders:
• All children MUST be accompanied by a parent (no nannies, grandparents, neighbors, etc.)
• Members should NOT enter MBBC if they know that they have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, or if they themselves have a fever, or currently exhibit any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 (mild to severe respiratory illness with fever, cough and difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by the CDC).
• Members who have previously tested positive for COVID-19, or are otherwise in recovery from illness are asked NOT to come to MBBC until they have been symptom free, without medication, for at least five days, and at least ten days have passed since symptoms first appeared.
• Restrooms, handrails, door handles, lounge chairs/tables will be disinfected daily.
• Cleaning supplies & hand sanitizer will be available on a high-top table at the south side of the deck. We ask that you clean your area (lounge chairs, tables, umbrella handles) before and after usage. You are also welcome to disinfect any other areas you come into contact with. Clorox Cleanup needs to be sprayed and left on the surface for 30 seconds before wiping. Members are to bring their own gloves for cleaning purposes with Clorox Cleanup. These actions will help to protect others, not just your own family.
• We encourage everyone to be mindful of the footprint in which they sit or lounge, keeping family belongings together (including towels). Remember to maintain social distancing!
• The 18th street entrance will be the only access to the pool. No equipment should be shared.
Stay safe everyone.
—Yuko Kawasaki, President and the MBBC Board

Pool Rules

6am-10am: Lap swim

  • 3 lap swimmers maximum at any time
  • 30 minute maximum/swimmer if others are waiting
  • Sign in on the whiteboard with the time you enter the pool

10am-10pm: Open swim

  • 2 households in the pool at any time
  • Maintain social distancing between different households
  • 30 minute maximum/household if others are waiting
  • Sign in on the whiteboard with the time you enter the pool

6am-10pm: Jacuzzi

  • 1 household at any given time
  • 20 minute maximum/household if others are waiting
  • Sign in on the whiteboard with the time you enter the jacuzzi
  • Must be at least 5 years of age to use the jacuzzi

PLEASE help our club be successful in the reopening of our pool by monitoring your time in the pool and adhering to social-distancing guidelines on the deck. We do have cameras on the pool and jacuzzi. While it is not the intent to keep 24/7 tabs on members to ensure that the rules of courtesy and community are followed. We will however review footage and issue fines if necessary. As a reminder, the lobby, lounge and courts remain closed.


Check your Work Credits Online!

Members can now check  the status of their workday credits and meeting attendance on the MBBC website!

To view your workday credits, login to MBBC and click on the link called “My Account” in the main menu.  From there, you can view your workdays.  Please also review your account info and upload a photo if you have not already done so!

If you think you are missing work credits, please contact the Event Organizer or Board Member responsible for that event.

Pub at the Club:  A New MBBC Tradition!
2017 – 2018 – 2019

Go to www.pubattheclub.com